VoxelStorm’s teams put emphasis on efficiency, expertise and precision.

We don’t maintain a standing team; we assemble a unique team for every game we make. This allows us to make the best use of the most appropriate talent, and keep our teams small, focused and efficient.

We also don’t waste money on an office, and this means we don’t waste our teams’ time on commuting, or limit our talent pool to one geographic region. In the 21st century, we are all well connected, and we find that most experienced programmers, musicians, and artists are at their most productive when working from home.

If you would like to get involved with the development or testing of a current or future VoxelStorm game, or just want to hear what we have coming up, talk to us. Below are some of the roles we’re looking for.



If you’d like to help us improve existing VoxelStorm games or work on new developments, we’re always looking for talented developers.

One of the best ways to get involved with development is to join us on Telegram to chat about our work.

A good understanding of modern C++11 / C++14 / C++17 is absolutely essential for our core game programmers. Here’s e a summary of what we look for in developers:

  • Languages
    • C++ (C++11/14/17)
      • Strong familiarity with the STL
      • Familiarity with Boost
    • C
    • GLSL & GLSL
    • Bash
  • Technologies & software
    • Git
    • GCC & G++
    • MinGW-w64
    • Code::Blocks IDE
  • Concepts
    • Cross-platform development on Windows, Linux and macOS
    • Benchmarking & optimisation
    • Backwards-compatible & legacy API code to support older hardware
    • Concurrency & thread safety
    • Linux server-side development & deployment
  • Skills & qualities
    • Efficient personal time management
    • Ability to self-teach and independently learn from existing code
    • Ability to independently identify and resolve bugs
    • Enthusiasm for discovering new technologies, tricks and cool hacks
    • Professional and effective team communication by email and chat
    • Effective use of issue trackers
    • Clear commenting of code and generation of effective documentation

Musicians & sound designers

We believe music and sound are very important to the gameplay experience; a well-executed musical score can be one of the most memorable parts of a game. If you are a musician and would like to compose and produce original music for VoxelStorm, please get in touch with the following info:

  • Your demo reel - a link to SoundCloud or Bandcamp would be ideal.
  • Any previous games your work has been featured in.
  • What sort of project you feel your music would be best suited for.
  • Whether you have access to your own recording and production facilities.

Visual artists

Many of our graphical assets are procedurally generated, but we can still make use of visual artists. We’re especially interested in any of the following skills:

  • Low polygon 3D modelling
  • Font design
  • Logo design
  • Interface design

Writers & translators

If you’d like to write for us - game dialogue, backstory and plot development - please send us a sample of your previous creative writing work that you feel would fit well with a future VoxelStorm game.

We are also interested in working with translators who are comfortable with translating complex technical terminology and capable of responding within tight deadlines. We work with translators on a per-project basis - if you’d like to translate some of our future work, please let us know what language(s) you are fluent in and we’ll add you to our database and get in touch when something comes up.

Actors & voice actors

If you’re an actor (voice or video), and have your own recording and production facilities, we’d like to hear from you. We’re especially interested in memorable and unusual characters. Please send over:

  • A demo reel (a SoundCloud or YouTube link is ideal).
  • Examples of your work featured in other games or independent productions.
  • What sort of personalities you feel best fit your range.



If you’re a supplier of promotional materials or professional services, we might want to hear from you.


For physical products, please only get in touch if you primarily do business in the UK. We’re always looking for competitive quotes and innovative products in the following sectors:

  • Flyer printing
  • Poster printing
  • Custom USB drives
  • Custom CD packaging


We’re also always interested in competitive quotes for the following commercial services:

  • High-end self-managed servers in well connected data centres
  • Events and promotional staff in the UK


Are you organising a gaming event, expo, comic-con, technology or digital arts convention, and would like us to exhibit?

We’re interested to hear about opportunities to exhibit, especially at mixed arts expositions and alongside independent artists. Our primary focus is the North of England, but most of our team are happy to travel anywhere in the UK, and anywhere in the world is possible if the event is sufficiently compelling.

Some of our previous favourite events have been:

  • MancsterCon - a convention focusing on indie sequential art in the North of England
  • Manchester Day - a festival celebrating the city of Manchester, where we exhibited at the Rock Paper Shotgun Games Room in the Town Hall
  • SuperByte Festival - a chiptune festival that evolved into a celebration of all things low-tech, DIY and lo-fi
  • Play It at MOSI - an interactive exploration of 40 years of video games, at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

If you’re planning an event that you think might be of interest to us - especially if it’s something a bit different - please get in touch with the following info:

  • Date and duration
  • Opening and closing times
  • Information on parking and provision of public transport
  • Size of booths and tables available
  • Approximate floor plan for the venue
  • Number of exhibitors
  • Visitor ticket prices
  • Expected foot traffic for each day
  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities
  • List of social media links, such as Facebook event page for the event


If you’re going to try to sell us advertising space on your game review site, please don’t bother getting in touch.

If you’d like to ask us to insert your advertising or product placement in one of our games, sorry - we’re never going to do that. Except perhaps ironically, like in AdvertCity.

If you’re making a YouTube video that you’d like us to sponsor, and it’s genuinely interesting and relevant to our customers - or you’re recording a podcast, or writing a blog post on a relevant topic - then do send us an email. We’d always like to hear from genuine content creators, and we’d especially like to encourage the creation of instructive and entertaining content.