VoxelStorm develops and publishes alternative video games for Windows, Linux and macOS, with a focus on strategy and atmosphere.

VoxelStorm games explore themes of retro-futurism and cyberpunk. We develop games in a broad range of genres, but we especially emphasise unusual and alternative perspectives, strategic thinking and planning, and games that subvert typical gameplay assumptions.

We feel that accessibility is very important, and we build all our major releases for the three big platforms - Windows, Linux and macOS. Our software is built with custom, highly optimised engines, so our games have very low system requirements and will run on almost all modern (and not-so-modern) hardware.

Public releases

Free games


First person golf game with no HUDs, no aiming aids, no course map, no teleport between shots, and nothing to help you find the ball.

“Golf games seem to be about watching power meters and adjusting targeting sights. I prefer being outdoors, exploring procedural landscapes, and playing with physics simulations. So here’s my take on the genre.” -SlowRiot

This game was written in one week for a game jam.


  • Procedurally generated terrain with procedural woodland.
  • Realistic passage of time, with day-night and summer-winter cycle.
  • Trees grow realistically, in real-time. Of course, that’s very slow - you’d have to leave the computer running for a very long time to see it.
  • Time is sped up 120x, so 1 second = 2 minutes in-game. A day lasts about 12 minutes, but you’d have to leave the game running for about 3 days to see the winter snow. The ball is of course very hard to find in the snow.


A vaguely Descent-inspired abstract 6-degree-of-freedom indoor flight sim / tunnel shooter.

3D engine and all gameplay written from scratch in five days by a two-man team.

The world is procedurally generated at runtime using 3D Voronoi cells, dynamically triangulated, mapping the interior of a Mandelbulb 3D fractal.


At VoxelStorm, we feel that high quality music is a crucial part of the immersive game experience.

VoxelStorm is also a music label. We commission and produce original music for all our games. Our critically acclaimed soundtracks are available to stream and download on our music subsite, music.voxelstorm.com in a variety of formats, including lossless FLAC format.

We also release limited collector’s edition runs of our game soundtracks on CD, which are available on our merchandise store.