There are many ways to follow our development progress, keep up to date with our releases and future plans, and reach us directly.

Below you can find out how to reach us on the more obvious social networks, as well as a few corners of the internet where you might not have thought to look.

Social Networks

Follow us on social media - keep up with our latest developments, comment on and share posts, screenshots and previews.

You can also catch the active developers in realtime chat - see below for all the ways to interact with us.


Our most recent updates, screenshots and previews of upcoming technologies often appear first on our Twitter.


Google Plus

YouTube & Twitch

Subscribe to our YouTube for game trailers and development videos. We occasionally also livestream on Twitch.

Steam Communities

If you use Steam, why not join our group and game communities? You can take part in the conversation about our games, and share screenshots and game guides and reviews.

Issue trackers

Our games are under constant development, and we find and fix bugs all the time; if you encounter a bug, the best way to make sure it gets seen quickly by the right people is to file a bug report on one of our issue trackers.

We also accept and respond to suggestions for improvements and new features on the trackers. If you are posting issue information anonymously, please make sure you leave a way for us to reach you in case we need further information.

Below is a list of issue trackers for various VoxelStorm projects and components:


Our developers, testers and supporters are constantly in touch online, and we would love for you to join us! Below are the places you’re most likely to catch us.


We like Telegram. It’s easily accessible on all platforms, secure, easy to write bots for, and doesn’t sell our conversations. This is the best place to chat in real time to our development team and core community.

Our Telegram bot also announces code updates, analyses of our codebases and uploads of new builds in the chat group.


We have a long-standing IRC channel, which is also bridged to Telegram, so you can join in the same conversation here if you prefer.


If you’d like to get in touch the old-fashioned way, fire off an email to whichever one of these addresses matches your query best:

  •  contact (at) voxelstorm - for general queries.
  •  press (at) voxelstorm - for any queries regarding press, publicity, reviews or review copies.
  •  legal (at) voxelstorm - for queries on copyright, rights management, liability, licensing of content etc.
  •  bugs (at) voxelstorm - to report bugs (but prefer the issue trackers above).
  •  support (at) voxelstorm - to request technical support or assistance with any of our games.


If you would like to send us something physical, our company address is:

VoxelStorm Ltd
1 Heybrook House
Entwisle Road
OL16 2LH
United Kingdom